Mr. Peter Lombardi

Peter Lombardi: The town of Hudson was lacking medical services for its citizens and the old location could not hold any new office space to provide for the growing need of more doctors to serve the community. Mr. Lombardi, together with Mr. Royle, was instrumental in bringing together local businesses and a special group of 25 citizens to contribute to the building of a new facility. After eight years of collaboration the Medi-centre opened in 2011. Mr. Lombardi has been involved in the daily operation of the center and is currently President of the Board of Directors that manages the facility. The result of this work has brought much-needed medical services to the citizens of the region. When someone sees a need in their community and, instead of being complacent, selflessly dedicates themselves to helping fulfil this need, the end result is a better, stronger community filled with pride. It is the people that bring meaning to the place we call home, and instill pride in what a place represents. For your service to the community I am proud to present you with the Senate of Canada 150 Medal. Congratulations Peter!