Mrs. Caroline Tremblay

Mrs. Caroline Tremblay: Caroline has been volunteering for 10 years for the Patriotes Lacrosse Association. In her second year, she assisted in starting a tournament for the organization which now is in its 8th year and has grown to host 62 teams to become the largest tournament in Quebec. The association began with three teams and has since grown to 13 teams and almost 200 players at all levels. The program has developed into a very competitive, well-run organization from which many players have succeeded in moving to the Provincial level team. Caroline has been instrumental in the development of lacrosse in Quebec due to her hard work at inviting more people to join as volunteers to be able provide these services to the families of the area. Additionally, she has volunteered to organize a softball tournament for the area for the last seven years and developed a women’s hockey league. Once again, I can say that, like many recipients today, Caroline works for the benefit of others, and never expects recognition for her contribution to lacrosse in Quebec. I am pleased to thank her for her contributions that benefit South Shore children and young adults who, thanks to her, have an active lifestyle. Congratulations, Caroline!