Ms. Debbie Magwood

Debbie Magwood: Debbie Magwood is the founder of the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. With a background in psychology and being a cancer survivor herself, Ms. Magwood recognized that there was a need to provide citizens special support as they battle cancer. The medical community treats the illness in a clinical manner but it often leaves people with so many unanswered questions. In 2008, Ms. Magwood pooled together countless volunteers to offer cancer patients support on their journey to recovery, from librarians volunteering to explain the types of cancer a patient was faced with to emotional counselling for families and employers. Ms. Magwood created a support service that would assist cancer patients from the time of the diagnosis, through treatment as well as following one year after treatment. Understanding that financial stress is another element that cancer patients are faced with, Ms. Magwood created a model that draws thousands of hours of volunteers to provide services to support mind, body and soul combined with strong fundraising to be able to offer the support free of charge. Ms. Magwood found that there was such demand that they needed more space and in 2016 opened a new larger facility. Ms. Magwood, I am pleased to award you the Senate of Canada 150 Medal for your outstanding contribution to the community.