Ms. Jill Martis

Ms. Jill Martis: With a background in social work, Ms. Jill Martis joined the Old Brewery Mission as a volunteer director in 1999 and remained so until this past July. Ms. Martis has served as the Board’s Vice-Chair and has chaired the Mission’s Services Committee for over a decade, helping them navigate the greatest period of change in the 128-year history of the organization. Ms. Martis also chaired the Board of the Patricia Mackenzie Pavillion, the largest service for homeless women in Quebec. Ms. Martis has been an important and regular donor and has solicited others especially in the aid of the transformation of the women’s services by improving the quality of life inside the walls. Ms. Martis has led committees organizing galas that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past eight years. In addition, she has provided the administration with continuous support in handling challenging human resource matters as part of the HR Committee. Ms. Martis has been a truly committed volunteer and a believer in the capacity of the Mission to end chronic homelessness in Montreal for almost two decades. In recognition of your outstanding contribution to make Montreal a better community, I am pleased to award you the Senate of Canada 150 medal.