Trudeau Senators Shut Down Debate

Jan.31, 2018 – Senator Larry W. Smith, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and Leader of the Conservative Senate Caucus, made the following statement:

Today, in an unprecedented move, the Government Leader’s Office, the Trudeau appointed Speaker of the Senate, and Trudeau’s so-called Independent Senators shut down debate in the Senate.

Using tools never before applied by individual Senators, supported by the Office of the Government Leader enabled by the Speaker’s actions, debate was denied to all Senators.

In protest of these illegitimate actions, the Senate Conservative Caucus refused to participate in a series of votes this evening.

“We are, by refusing to endorse these actions, putting the Trudeau Government on notice that we will now use all legitimate means available to us allowed for under the rules to restore our right and the right of all Senators to debate in the Chamber.

Prime Minister Trudeau has told the Canadian public that his Senate has been transformed. Today’s actions show clearly what that truly means. The Trudeau Senate is now an independent, but wholly controlled, subsidiary of the Prime Minister’s Office.”