Perspectives – February 6-8, 2018

This week, Senator David Tkachuk called for an emergency debate in the Senate in an effort to persuade the Prime Minister to take immediate action to resolve the growing tensions surrounding the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline project. Senators from coast to coast voiced near unanimous agreement that the project is in Canada’s national interest.

The Prime Minister has already announced that he will approve the construction, and now has a responsibility to demonstrate that he has the leadership capabilities to ensure that the project comes to fruition for Canada.

Senator Tkachuk stated, “This is a serious issue that has ramifications for the economy of Alberta and for Canada. The pipeline expansion itself is worth an estimated $57.4 billion. Over the construction period and the next 20 years, it will add combined revenue of $46 billion to the Canadian economy. It means 15,000 construction jobs and an estimated 37,000 direct and indirect jobs per year.” Oil producers will earn more revenue for their product, which is extracted with higher environmental and human rights standards than foreign oil.   Government will collect more tax revenue and these revenues will contribute to services that benefit all Canadians.

Canadians know the expansion of the pipeline is the safest method to transport oil. Conservatives believe that the independent, scientific, evidenced-based decision-making process that the Trans Mountain Expansion project went through clearly showed that the pipeline could be expanded safely.

The Senate Conservative caucus is working hard to give this issue the attention it requires.