Perspectives – February 13-15, 2018

As you may know, the Senate is beginning the review of Bill C-45 (legalization of marijuana) and Bill C-46 (impaired driving). The Senate Conservative Caucus has been clear from the beginning that we will not proceed in an obstructionist manner. Instead, we will give a voice to those in the Canadian public who have significant and valid concerns about the policy choices the government is making.

This week we secured an agreement permitting for a timeline that will allow the Senate to have a thorough evaluation on the Marijuana legislation. In the coming weeks, senators will proceed with extensive hearings. It will allow the Senate to perform its due diligence and focus on the impacts this legislation will have on our children and youth, public safety, law enforcement and public education requirements.

The Senate Conservative Caucus will be looking at making recommendations on various legislative voids, including: driving under the influence; public consumption; home grow; outdoor grow;  detection of high concentration of marijuana; border crossing; lack of education campaigns; the negative impact of marijuana especially for youth under the age 25 and other major regulatory gaps. We believe possible amendments would bring greater protection to what is most important – the health and public safety of Canadian families and neighborhoods.

Marijuana legalization is a major societal shift. We have the responsibility to listen to the concerns of the provinces, territories, and municipalities, law enforcement, health specialists and employers.

We have the responsibility to review the government’s legislation thoroughly!