Perspectives – February 27 – March 1, 2018

Liberal Budget 2018 was another missed opportunity for Justin Trudeau and the Canadian economy. The world economy is roaring but Trudeau is failing to turn this opportunity into results for Canadians. Trudeau has failed to take concrete measures to accelerate getting our landlocked resources to world markets, which would generate an estimated $46 billion. In just three years, the Trudeau Government has piled $60 billion onto the national debt. The deficit for this fiscal year is $18 billion, triple what Justin Trudeau promised during the 2015 election. According to Finance Canada, the budget will not be balanced until 2045, by then racking up an additional $450 billion of debt to be paid back by future generations.

We see every day that Justin Trudeau is failing middle class Canadians, the very people he claims to help. A recent study from the Fraser Institute found that income taxes have been raised on more than 90% of middle class families who are facing higher taxes all since the Liberals came to power in 2015. In the first two years that the Conservatives came to power they paid down $37 billion to reduce the national debt to $457.6 billion and ran responsible deficits to respond successfully to the largest economic downturn since the great depression followed by a return to a balanced budget.

Since the Liberals took office, Canadians are getting failed policies: More taxes, debt, and out of control spending that doesn’t offer solutions for hardworking Canadians.