Last week, Bill C-45, the government legislation proposed to legalize marijuana in Canada, passed in the Senate.

Despite the passage of the bill, many significant concerns remain.

In the face of a government that wanted legalization of marijuana passed quickly to hit their July 1 target date, the Senate Conservative Caucus demanded thorough examination of C-45. We insisted and led the negotiations to have the bill studied at five different committees, and the subsequent structured debate and voting process at third reading.

The Trudeau Government has been writing the Marijuana Bill as they go. The sponsor of the bill, Senator Tony Dean has moved 29 amendments to fix the government’s mistakes. And that is in addition to more than 20 amendments moved in the House of Commons.

Over the past two years the Government has neglected to have proper consultation with Indigenous Peoples on such a substantial societal shift. On Wednesday last week, the Government made a desperate last minute attempt to save face by making last minute promises and commitments.

We have said from the beginning that we would focus on doing what we can to better protect public health and public safety for Canadians.  The Government has failed to do its homework on Bill C-45, thankfully the Senate has done its due diligence.

The Senate Conservative Caucus has moved a total 14 amendments at third reading, of which four were adopted. We demand that moving forward, the Liberal Government accept our amendments to what remains a flawed bill.