Perspectives — June 18 – 21, 2018

As the session comes to an end in the Senate, I wish to reflect on the dedicated work that has taken place over the past few months. Our strong Conservative team has done diligent work reviewing the legislation brought before us. We remain concerned that the Trudeau government is not ready for the legalization of marijuana.

While the government claims that the need for legalization is to protect children and youth, we believe that the government is failing to properly safeguard Canadians.

Trudeau ministers are still improvising on this file, at a cost to the health and safety of youth. Following the legalization of marijuana, Canadians will be the ones having to face the consequences of the lack of preparedness by the Liberal government.

With only weeks away to increased access to legal marijuana, the government has not made a substantial effort to educate Canadians on the dangers of marijuana consumption, especially for children and youth. Nor has the Trudeau government done mass education campaigns that are culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate for indigenous peoples. Implications at the border also remain unclear.

As a teacher, the Prime Minister should know that education doesn’t happen overnight. The government has failed to educate and protect Canadians on the impact of legalizing marijuana.

I understand that Prime Minister Trudeau ran on this election campaign promise, but let’s be clear: the Prime Minister will be responsible for the consequences of his government’s lack of preparedness and lack of public education.