STATEMENT Introduction of the Honourable Beverley Busson and the Honourable Martin Klyne

Honourable Senators, I rise today to also offer sincere congratulations to our two new colleagues, the Honourable Beverley Busson and the Honourable Martin Klyne, who were named to the Senate of Canada on Monday upon the recommendation of Prime Minister Trudeau. Members of the Conservative caucus in this place are looking forward to getting to know Senators Busson and Klyne, and having them learn more about us – not just as individuals, but also about the collective work we do as the Official Opposition in the Senate of Canada.

Senator Busson is our newest representative from British Columbia, and she is well known to Canadians as the first woman to lead the RCMP, in 2006 and 2007. Senator Busson is also not a stranger to the Senate, having previously appeared as a witness before committee.

Senator Klyne will represent Saskatchewan, and by all accounts, he has an extensive background in business and civic engagement. I would also like to note that he was the President of the 2003 Grey Cup, which was held in Regina that year. As a former President of the Montreal Alouettes, memories of the 91st Grey Cup game are painful, as Montreal lost to Edmonton that year, 34 to 22. I don’t hold that against my new colleague, however.

Je sais que je parle au nom de tous les honorables sénateurs en souhaitant à nos nouveaux collègues et à leur famille respective nos meilleurs vœux de succès, alors qu’ils assument leurs nouvelles responsabilités parmi nous aujourd’hui.

I know I speak for all Honourable Senators in extending best wishes our new colleagues and their respective families as they take on their new responsibilities here today.

Welcome to you both.