Perspectives — October 24-26, 2018

Recently, the Liberals claimed that their carbon tax will “cut carbon pollution across Canada by 80 to 90 million tonnes in 2022.” Internal government documents contradict this claim and estimate that the savings will be about 35% lower.
Either way, the government’s policy will have no effect on global emissions. The carbon tax will at best achieve an infinitesimal fraction of the emissions savings that would be achieved by simply phasing out large coal-fired power plants. Consider the fact that 1.5 million people would have to switch from combustion-powered cars to electric cars to equal the emissions savings of replacing a single coal plant with a nuclear plant.
And it is not Canada that needs to change its behaviour in this regard. India generates the majority of its power from coal. Japan has built eight coal-fired power plants in the last two years, with plans for 36 more over the next decade. China is currently constructing coal-fired power plants capable of generating 259 gigawatts of power, adding to their present coal-fired capacity of 993 gigawatts.
To put that in perspective, the entire portfolio of Ontario Power Generation amounts to 17 gigawatts. A carbon tax for Canada will be useless and unfair, and Canadians are speaking out about it.
Unavoidable costs for farmers and small businesses will increase. At the same time, large corporations will get exemptions from the federal government.